Reality by Reality * when someone hurts your best friend and they are right next to you, you kick them over and over again they fall screaming then run😏 *when laying in bed and you randomly drop you phone😑 *you will always have someone you think is your best friend but in real life they don't care you will see hints along the way *when playing tag and you climb up a slide to tag your best friend and you fall and are holding on for dear life and your best friend just a laughs *one uppers😑no one likes them *when a siblings boyfriend/girlfriends make food: I will always love you if you make me more foodone I put in happened to me and my other friends I wanted to put it in😁My life Me- I have $300 Friend- I have $400 Best friends- I have half of my best friends Friend- so you have none? Best friend- no it's just we share a bank account Me-Yeah, wait what? Me- Ohh Friend- I'm so glad I would never do that Me-(stick my foot out) Friend- agh ( falls and lands in face) Best friend- laughing so hard she peed her pants Me- walk away like a bossthank you!