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Maryam Ghanem posted in Beauty
Black tea contains caffeine which reduces hair shedding .
You'll need some sort of spray bottle .
Some basic black tea. Doesn't have to vie anything fancy
and a shower cap :)
Your going to brew about five bags of black tea and then let that chill and add it into your bottle
Then apply that all onto your shedding hair. Make sure it REALLY saturates the roots!!!
Put your hair in a bun or clamp it up and then put your shower cap on. Leave this on for about 2 hours. I leave it on all night because my shedding is pretty bad
They this once a week each week and watch the results .
You can also add it to your conditioner when you deep condition your hair for easier application.

Share if you find this helpful because I know a lot of people are looking for natural ways to stop this. The caffeine really works. Coffee does too but black tea works better. I use this and it has helped SO much :) happy tipping

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