Quick Headache Fix by Megyn B - Musely
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Quick Headache Fix

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Do you have that headache that is just driving you insane? Those ones behind your eyes😁 OUCH well, I will be naming these few, some weird, ways to get rid of those pesky headaches. Some will work, some might not please enjoy, and I hope your head stops hurting

  • Take an ibuprofen! Follow the instructions on the back for proper dosage and timing :)
    Take an ibuprofen! Follow the instructions on the back for proper dosage and timing :)
  • This next ones a little weird, it hurts a bit, but it worked wonders for me! You won't believe me until you try it though

  • You need a small bowl, a paper cupcake liner/coffee filter, roughly 1 and a half tablespoons of ground cinnamon, and roughly 1/3 of a cup of warm water

  • Now whisk the mixture with a fork until its tainted brown, wait until it cools to lukewarm temperature and then dip your coffee filter/cupcake liner into the mixture and let it soak up, then squeeze it until it's damp, now stick it wherever on your face it hurts * MAKE SURE ITS DRY ENOUGH THAT IT WONT DRIP INTO YOUR EYES* and then grab some of the cinnamon that is at the bottom of the bowl and rub it onto the filter/liner. Leave it on for 5 minutes, or until you can't deal with the cool burning sensation

  • Listen to soft music, you can even look up relaxing music on YouTube, and just find one that you like and listen to that

  • Put a cold ice pack wrapped in a towel on your neck, and put your feet in warm water and sit in an upright fetal position (head in between knees and knees bent)

  • Massage your temples or the bridge of your nose

  • Drink cold water

  • Stay away from perfumes/colognes/strong smells that aren't essential oils

  • Try this breathing rotation:

    Breath in through nose-7 seconds
    Hold in -4 seconds
    Breath out of mouth- 7 seconds

    I use this all the time for headaches and I call it the 747

  • Try essential oils!! Lavender has a calming effect so you could give it a go! Also eucalyptus and peppermint helps a lot!! Follow instructions on the bottle because instructions of application/ use may differ

  • Rest!!! Stay away from bright lights!!

    Thank you google images for the pictures

  • Thank you for reading! If this was helpful like! Let me know what worked for you in the comment section!


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