Protein Powder Granola Bites! by Protein Powder Granola Bites!Healthy granola bite snacks for on the go or at work! Made with Protein Powder you can't even taste!!- 2 1/2 Cups of Granola of your choice.- 1 scoop of your protein powder (vanilla plain or chocolate will work) 1 scoop is 25 grams I use the scoop provided in the container, feel free to add more.- 1/3 of syrup (or honey) - 1/3 of butter - 1/2 tsp. of vanilla - 1cup of chocolate chips Mix your granola, protein, and chocolate chips in a bowl and put to side. Melt your butter, vanilla, and syrup on low heat till melted, Be careful not to burn.Pour mixture into bowlMix till you no longer see powder - Put your oven to 350 Make ball shapes onto a non-stick pan (use spoon to scoop onto pan but use your hands to fix them up because they are going to be a bit sticky) - Bake for 10mins Then put in fridge to harden and store.I know this was a long tip but I wanted to show you everything I did so you don't get confused. I made this recipe myself because I couldn't find any good recipes that used protein powder without tasting nasty! 😝