Protect Your Rings From Leaving Green Marks! by Protect Your Rings From Leaving Green Marks!Don't you hate when your costume jewellery leaves that horrid green mark after long times of wear? Keep on reading to find out what to do to make that stop. Here's what you need...You need your ring (any costume jewellery ring you own) i'm using a beautiful pastel flower ring I got from a store in the UKNext you need a clear nail varnish, that you normally use for your nails (both top coat and base coat will work) i'm using AVON rivitacool basecoatNow take your clear nail varnish and brush a layer on the INSIDE of your ring.Leave ring to dry for however long your clear nail varnish takes to dry (mine usually takes 2-5 minutes)Now it should be good to wear for hours on end without leaving any horrible green marks. The clear nail varnish makes a protective coat on the inside of your nail varnish so no matter how much you remove and put on the ring or even sweat you won't get any green marks.This was my very first tip so please leave a like and share and save. Also let me know if you want anymore tips. Thank yiu