Products To Stay Away From ⛔️🚫

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  • This is obvious drugs such as marihuana is bad for you but some people rely on them as support so cutting down and not taking drugs would be like saving rapunzel from her tower it is the best thing you could possibly do

  • So soda is also bad for you as it obviously Rotts your teeth and makes the acidity inside you rise causing you to bloat or get a stomach ache

  • Ok we all know that smoking is bad for you and that it damages our lungs but it's not as easy to quit as we all think however quitting or not smoking is an extreme must for your body as it allowed your to function and breath better

  • This is also obvious that too much alcohols is bad for you as it changes the small aspects of your body. So also cutting down and not drinking to much would be immensely good for your body


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