Period Hacks by Sammi Demuth - Musely
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Period Hacks

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Period pains - been there done that...
    For stomach cramps:
    ✅wear loose clothes
    ✅use hot water bottles on your belly
    ✅take pain killers

  • For periods when you've ran out of pads/tampons go to the bathroom and take toilet tissue and layer it in a thick pile in your pants (this is just for last minuet options) change it every time you bleed though because else it may leak on your clothes. TIP make sure you pack it in nicely because you don't want it falling out for your pants.
    Believe me. Your not the only one who goes through this trouble 

  • For comfort I knew this sounds ugly but wear larger softer looser pants that are bigger on your bum. This will help the pad stop sliding and twisting in your knickers. It also won't be so obvious that you are wearing them. It is also way comfier. 

  • Thanks for reading. I hope this helps you girls out. I know your pain. Just relax and don't worrie on how tight your clothing is. If boys want us to look sexy they have to exept that we are girls and us girls go through ugly times in life and if they do t like that they go find someone else to drool over xxx


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