Oreo Cakeball Recipe by Oreo Cakeball RecipeSteps: 1. Put the entire pack of Oreos in the plastic ziploc bag and crush all of it finely. You can use the side of a hammer or a rolling pin or your hands to crush them 2. Put the finely crushed Oreos into a mixing bowl 3. Put about 3/4 of the cream cheese block into the mixing bowl with your Oreos. Mix the crushed Oreos and the cream cheese block together. It works best if you just use your hands! 4. Once the cream cheese is well mixed in with the crushed Oreos, roll them into about 1 inch balls and put on a baking sheet. 5. Put the sheet in your refrigerator for about 2 hours..............Last steps: 6. Take out of fridge and heat the almond bark in another mixing bowl until it is about the texture of a sauce (completely melted) 7. Roll the Oreo and cream cheese balls in the melted almond bark and VOILA! You have perfect Oreo cake balls once you let them dry!