"Open When" Best Friend Version🌸👭 by Chloe 🎀 - Musely
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"Open When" Best Friend Version🌸👭

posted in Relationships > Friendship
  • Open when...

    ~You're worried about the future
    Remind her of all her accomplishments and that she can do amazing things💕

    ~ You feel lonely
    List all the people who love and support her💞

    ~ You need a hug
    Insert a picture of you two hugging, and a small teddy that she can hug💓

    ~ We're arguing and its my fault
    Write an apology letter stating your sorry, and that you'll patch things up💗

    ~ We're arguing and I think its your fault, but its actually mine
    Same as above💖

    ~ You miss me
    Insert your favourite picture of you two and a matching bracelet, so that a part of you is always with her💘

  • ~ Your sad
    Insert a picture collage of all her favourite things, and add some cheesy quotes to cheer her up! (Kittens, puppies etc.)💝

    ~ You're mad at me
    List all the reasons why she loves you, and why you've been best friends for so many years❤️

    ~ You're sick
    Add a small box of tissues, cough drops and some tea bags, so she can have a nice warm cup of tea💜

    ~ You need motivation
    Add some pictures of all her inspirations!💛

    ~ You had a bad day
    Add her favourite candy, in fun size💚

  • ~ You're doubting yourself
    Tell her to write a pros and cons list to help reassure her in whatever decision she is making💙

    ~ You're overthinking
    Same as above💕

    ~ You're having a hard time with people
    Tell her about the situations you've been through and how you got through them💞

    ~ You think your not beautiful
    Add a small compact mirror, and write on the front " your the most beautiful girl I know!" 💓

    ~ You don't feel appreciated
    Tell her that even though may seem she isn't, she is appreciated by you, and you cherish your friendship💗

    ~ You feel worthless
    Similar as above💖

  • ~ You need to rant
    Tell her to call you ASAP, so you can hear her rant💘

    ~ Your thinking of hurting yourself
    Add a hotline numbers so that she can speak to a professional, incase your not available 💝

    ~ You feel like I don't trust you
    List reasons why you trust her, and all the reasons she's trusted you and theres been a positive outcome❤️

    ~ You're crying
    Add a pack of tissues💜

    ~ You need a laugh
    Add a funny picture of you both💛

    ~ You need to know how much I love you
    List 10 or more reasons why you love her and how her being in your life has made it so much better💚

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