One Way To A Peaceful Mind

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  • One way to a peaceful mind is to breath. A 3 part breath is a very calming yoga breath that helps with self stillness, inner and outer peace.

  • The yoga 3 part breath starts with becoming aware of where your breath natural ends.

    After finding the end of your natural breath, breath in deeply starting to fill your body starting from the bottom of your lungs (stomach area) the filling your lower rib cage and finishing the inhale with filling the top portion of your chest.

    Let your entire stomach inflate. I know that in this world we hold our stomachs very tightly to appare thinner. But when doing this exercise release the tension. It will help let the breath in and the stress out.

  • To exhale start by releasing the breath from the top rib cage to the lower rib cage and lastly releasing the breath from your stomach

    When inhaling release the tension in your body and allow the peace to flow in to your being

  • Thank you for reading, hope you find your inner peace


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