No Heat *~eAsY~* Spiral Curls by No Heat *~eAsY~* Spiral CurlsThis is how mine turned out:)First your going to brush your hair out and make sure it is completely tangle free(this is going to help with the twisting part).Next your going to separate your hair into different sections.How many will depend on the thickness of your hair, about 4 to 6 parts.Next your going to take one of your sections of parted hair and dampen it. Once it is damp put a squirt or two of mousse and cover all of that piece. Then you are going to take the mousse covered piece of hair and twist it very tight and once it's twisted you are going to wrap it around itself to make a little knot. To secure the knot you can use bobby pins/elastic bands/or both. When you do your hair the next day take out the knots and separate the twists:)))) The sleep with it in! (TIP- I sprayed my bobby pins with hairspray for more grip.)