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New Parent?? Consistency Is SO Important!

posted in Family & Kids > Parenting
  • Consistency is soooo important while raising children.

    It's at the top of the list!

    It is so effective that I would be willing to bet money that criminals did not have consistency in their upbringing.

    Being consistent in many things can mean so much in a child's life.

  • Discipline is probably the most important. If a parent only disciplines when it's convenient for them, the child has a sense of, 'I have a chance of getting away with it this time.'

    This leads to testing the parents, which leads to more testing and finally bad decisions later in life.

  • Consistency when it comes to daily schedules and routines is also very important.

    When a child knows what they will be doing that day, or week, or month, it draws down anxiety and stress.

    Children go through a lot in school, especially during teenage years. Less stress means more productivity

  • With a consistent schedule or routine, a child also gets a sense of stability in life and will grow up to become a more stable adult.

    They will be able to hold a job longer because they are used to doing the same thing for a long period of time and they will hold relationships longer as well.

  • Being consistent in your own life teaches your children that it's possible. You are their role model.

    Having different partners all the time shows a lack of commitment and may ultimately teach them that it's normal.

    Changing jobs or moving around a lot may also teach them to be unstable as well.

  • Consistency is a tool to better prepare your child for a stable adult life.


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