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My Top Tips For Healthy Hair

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • 1) supplements: I take four different supplements everyday and they are biotin, cod liver oil, sea kelp and iron and vitamin C. I genuinely believe taking these have helped me to maintain nice healthy hair and it has also helped the growing process. Not all supplements will work for everyone so you will have to do your research like me and find what works best.

  • 2) Regular trims, I tend to get my hair cut every two months which I find does keep it very healthy. However if you are trying to grow your hair which I currently am I would recommend a trim only when you need one so I would say every four-five months. I went for a whole year of no hair trims and I ended up having to cut most of what I'd grown, so I wouldn't rule out trims entirely but if you take good care of your hair then you won't need as many trims

  • 3) Hair masks are so important for keeping hair healthy! The hair mask I use is the Dove dry oil treatment mask and this leaves my hair so silky smooth without weighing it down. My best advice is to find out your hair type and buy a mask that is best suited because what will work wonders for some people won't have the same effect for others. I went out and purchased the macadamia deep repair mask and although it was very good, I didn't feel as though it made that much of a difference and I think that was because my hair wasn't as damaged as I thought so it didn't actually need that much care.

  • 4) Hair rinses: I believe these are essential to maintain healthy hair as they remove the product build up on the scalp. After using a hair rinse once a week I noticed a difference in the condition of my scalp and just general hair health. The hair rinse I use is apple cider vinegar mixed with water and I pour it on to my hair after shampooing. After doing this my hair feels so soft and my scalp feels so much cleaner!

  • 5) Heat: I haven't used heat on my hair in months and it definitely shows with the condition of my hair! It's ok to use heat every now and then but every day will kill your hair. If you have to use a blow dryer then use the cold setting so it won't be as damaging. Maybe cut straightening your hair down gradually from once a week to maybe just when you have a special occasion. There are so many heatless hair tutorials out there that you can do, so not only will you wake up with soft healthy hair but you will also have nice curls/waves too. Your hair will thank you in the long run.

  • 6) Drink lots of water: I can't stress enough how important this is. Drinking lots of water not only keeps you hydrated but it also keeps your hair and skin hydrated too, so this means your hair will be healthier and more manageable. Aim to drink two litres of water everyday and I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

  • 7) Healthy lifestyle: it is essential to get all your nutrients and you do this through the food you eat. If you put crap into your body then you will inevitably get crap out, your body uses what nutrients it does get primarily to help your body function and work properly. So with this in mind if the nutrients are limited then it won't be going to your hair it's focus will be on your body. Therefore you should include lots of fruit and vegetables like leafy greens or blueberries are good for getting vitamins. I would then recommend including lots of protein and good fats in your diet too.

  • 8) Hair oils: There are so many different hair oils out there that are all equally as good for your hair whether they be 100% natural or you've bought them from a salon. I personally didn't get along with the natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil or Rosemary oil as I felt they didn't do much for me in terms of protecting and keeping my hair healthy. I did however find that the Morrocan oil was far more suited to my hair and protects it against split ends! So I recommend trying out and finding an oil that works best for you and make it a regular part of your routine.

  • 9) protective hairstyles: If it is paticularly windy or cold outside I would recommend wearing a protective hair style like a bun or braids so that the friction between the wind and your hair doesn't make your hair dry out or become Brittle and cause split ends. Cold windy weather is naturally damaging to your hair and likewise in the summer wear protective hair styles or wear a hat to help protect your scalp.

  • 10) Satin pillow case: This is one of my best investments so far! Cotton pillow cases cause friction between your hair and I don't know whether you've noticed but you generally wake up with knots and dry hair. However I didn't have this problem when using a satin pillow case and instead I woke up with soft tangle free hair. So this is definitely worth investing in!

  • 11) shampoo: when it comes to shampoo I recommend a shampoo that is for both your hair and scalp as this will help keep your hair healthiest. I use head and shoulders and despite it having sulphates in I can honestly say it has been the best shampoo I have used so far. Although sulphates are not good for your hair I think that because of my other tips that I follow it doesn't really dry out my hair as you would expect. I have heard that the zinc in head and shoulders makes your hair grow too so if that isn't a good enough reason to try it I don't know what is.

  • 12) Leave in conditioners: this is important to keep your hair hydrated between washes and helps prevent it from being more susceptible to damage. I use herbal essences bee strong and it does the job, my hair is kept nice and soft between washes so you should find a leave in conditioner that works well for you.

  • 13) Don't wash your hair everyday: this dries your hair out and is generally just bad for your hair as you are stripping away the natural oils. I wash my hair twice a week and my hair doesn't get greasy but if I'm having a day where it is I use some dry shampoo just to help it last the last day. This helps your hair grow as well I have noticed and I have seen nothing but positive results following this step.

  • 14) Relax: No matter how busy your life is it is essential you find time for yourself and relax. If you are stressed then your body will find it harder to function and you may experience hair loss so my best advice is to set aside a time each week where you can relax and just do what you want to do. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

  • Thank you for reading my tips, I hope you find them helpful and good luck with maintaining healthy hair! ☺️


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