My Tips For Acne Prone Skin by Sasha Mangham - Musely
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My Tips For Acne Prone Skin

posted in Skin & Body
  • These are tips I use everyday for a nice clear face. My skin is really acne prone and by using these procedures, my face has been clearing up. It's not totally clear, but my acne has gotten to a barely noticeable stage. So follow my procedure and I'm sure you'll see a difference. ***Do note that everyone's skin is different so know your allergies and skin needs before trying anything and also you may not experience differences like I did. We are all unique! ;)

  • 1. Using a soap called Black Soap. Its from like Africa, I believe, but it has natural ingredients. If you do buy this soap, DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES! It burns like hell!!! well, some black soap, if it gets into your eyes, is less painful, but i wouldnt risk it.

  • 2. After using the black soap, i would put on a good LIGHT facial moisturizer. I would look at all the labels of every facial moisturizer you pick up and make sure the SPF is in the right level. (30 i believe is the right amount, you may need to check on that). No scents! I use Olay moisturizer, but everybody's skin is different and you may need another type.

  • 3.I would only wash my face at night with the black soap and apply the facial moisturizer afterwards. I would do this because at night you (and hormones) are less stressed and so you wont be prone to breakouts as much as you would in the day. Its almost like letting your acne relax.

  • 4. In the morning, I would just use a light facial wash. (keyword: light.) mixed with water. This is just so I dont clog my pores with a heavy cleanser or irritate my skin or open up pores which will just suck in dirt and oil that will cause breakouts. then after i wash i apply the same light facial moisturizer.

  • 5.I stopped eating fatty foods...well I cut down on fatty foods like bacon, Mcdonalds, burgers, pork, chips, salt, sugar, porkchops. (lol cant just give up on them)

  • 6. Soda has also been taken lightly. I dont gulp down cans anymore. I usually drink like half and drink water or if you can mix the soda, like ginger ale, I add it to 100% juice. (Ginger ale and apple juice rocks!) or i water down the sodas so there arent as caffeinated...or i just buy uncaffinated

  • 7. Also in stressful situations, like before giving a speech or taking a test or the sex talk lol, I would go to the bathroom or wherever there is a clean water source and rinse my face a few times. It kind of feels like im relaxing my pores. once they get stressed, they get oily, they suck it in, keep it in, and a bump comes the next day. So i just like to rinse my face, now im not saying that your face is automatically clean by rinsing it, but it kinda gives a good bath until you can actually dig deep and clean it.

  • 8. I cut down on my usage of my bangs. Im african american so our hair is more oily than other races but everyone's hair is somewhat oily and so your bangs transfers that oil to your forehead...and you know the rest.

  • 9. Makeup, if I wear any, is light (Not all caked up like Nicki Minaj), all natural ingredients, acne-fighting types of makeup. BareMinerals is a good brand if you are looking for makeup.

  • 10. If i wear any makeup, I wash it off immediately as I get home or when Im done leaving out for the night or before i go to sleep. It can clog your pores if you sleep in makeup.

  • There are TONS of other techniques. These are just some that I use. You may make some of your own. Some may or may not work for you because like I said, everyone's skin is different. This is what some facial product companies need to understand. We all just cant use the same type of formula or use Proactiv. God mad us different for a reason! Hope this stuff helps. No matter what, you're beautiful!


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