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Musical Instruments That Help You Relieve Stress!

posted in Entertainment
  • Musical instruments can be stressful themselves when learning to play them however some are really easy and relieve you from stress!!!

  • Here is a steel pan.
    Steel pans vary to make a calypso band of steel pans but they are all just as easy to play.
    The soothing sounds that the notes make will leave you relaxed by the end of your session.

  • Here is a taiko drum.
    This is a fun stress reliever, like any ordinary drum, you can range from soft to loud.
    When hitting the drum hard and fast, you will really lose a lot of stress.
    Just make sure you warm up and cool down, before and after playing.

  • Drum clacker, wizzer and tambourines are great percussion instruments that will relieve you from stress.
    You can get them from almost any music or school or toy shop and are quite cheap too.
    I love playing these because although they may seem childish they really do help.

  • A normal set of drums is the most practical thing any one could take stress out on.
    Drums don't have to sound perfect and you can go mental on them, relieving all stress in your moments of glory.

  • You don't have to be good at playing, but any how almost any more goes together and you can create many pieces of music.

  • Finally, SINGING!!!

    A bit of karaoke never hurt anyone, you don't have to be good, but you can sing about your feelings without you being judged!!!

  • I hope this helped, but hopefully you won't need to use this if you...

    'Smile today and cry tomorrow' - make sure you tell yourself this every day xxx


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