Mistakes Women Make In Dating ( And Yes Guys Make Some Of These Too) by Kierstan vest - Musely
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Mistakes Women Make In Dating ( And Yes Guys Make Some Of These Too)

posted in Relationships
  • So before I start, I have always been friends with guys, so for years I have heard them whine about things girls do.. I'm here to say there are a few things girls should stop doing and it would really strengthen any relationship you are in no matter how long.

  • 1. Believing you should be his number one priority. I know, it's nice to feel important in his life, and he should show you you are. But there will be times where family, plans, or work will have to come before you, and you throwing a fit about it helps no one.

  • 2. Acting like what he likes is stupid. Boys never grow out of the wanting to play stage. They are gonna get things, like things, or do things we know are dumb. But that doesn't mean you should put it down. Hey, every once in a while do something dumb with him.

  • 3. Jealousy.! If you are dating a pig there is nothing you can do that will stop him from that. But for the most part, if a guy loves you, let him go hang out with friends, talk to girls, maybe even flirt a little bit. Let him know you are secure in your relationship. Green is not a good color.

  • 4. Checking his phone. His phone is like his diary. If he wants to text his friend about something you did that is annoying him, let him, it will prevent a fight. And by letting him have his phone to himself he will know you trust him.

  • 5. Making a big deal about a girl in his life. Most important thing I can say. The more you get mad about a girl, the more you guys fight, the easier it is for her to make you out to be the bad guy. Trust in your relationship ( continued on next page...)

  • 5.... If you think a girl is over stepping, ask your man if you can all go out. Get to know her, make your self known, with out pissing your guy off. If it continues, just casually bring it up and see if he's noticed it too.

  • I've had my fair share of relationships, and now I am with the man of my dreams, we are coming up on our 1 year, and we don't have secrets, I know all his girl friends, he knows my guys, we never touch eachothers phones except to do something for each other and the bond grows with our love and trust

  • Hopes this helps some relationships out there. Please like, if you catch yourself doing these or if you are someone who knows it's true. Feel free to like, comment, share, follow. Always up for til suggestions! :) have a good week guys !!


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