Mind Test One & Two 💫 by Shannon May - Musely
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Mind Test One & Two 💫

posted in Health & Fitness
  • How to: mind test 💫
    How to: mind test 💫
  • • answer the following questions with the 1st thing that pops into your head, don't look at the answers or you'll ruin it for yourself 🌺

  • They're are 2 minds tests in this tip, here is the first one.
    They're are 2 minds tests in this tip, here is the first one.
  • Mind test one:
    ❶ you're not alone, you are waking in the woods, with who?
    ❷ you continue walking, you see an animal, what kind of animal?
    ❸ what interaction takes place between you & the animal?
    ❹ you keep walking, you see your dream house, how big is it?
    ❺ is your dream house surrounded by a fence or not?
    ❻ you enter the house & go into the dinning room, there's a table. What's on & around it?
    ❼ you exit the house & see a cup on the ground, what kind of cup?
    ❽ what do you do with the cup?
    ❾ you walk to the edge of the property & there's a river, how big is it?
    ❿ how will you cross the water

  • Mind test one answers:
    ❶ the person you're walking with is the most important person in your life.
    ❷ the size of the animal represent your perception of the size of the problems in your life.
    ❸ the severity of the interaction you have with the animal represents how you deal with your problems
    ❹ the size of your house represents the size of your ambition to solve problems
    ❺ a lack of a fence indicates a person with an open personality, people are welcome at all times, a house with a fence indicates a person with a closed personality, you don't welcome people unannounced.

  • Mind test one answers:
    ❻ if your answer did not include food flowers or people then you are genially unhappy
    ❼ the durability of the material of the cup represents the perceived durability of your relationships.
    ❽ your disposition of the cup represents your attitude.
    ❾ the size of the river represents the size of your romantic desire.
    ❿ how wet you get crossing the river indicates the importance of your romantic life.

  • I hope you enjoyed mind test one, here's mind test two!
    I hope you enjoyed mind test one, here's mind test two!
  • Scenario:
    • imagine you're in a boat and it crashes into a rock late at night, you get a life vest and fall asleep, when you wake up, you're on an island.

  • Mind test two:
    ❶ where is the island?
    ❷ what are you wearing?
    ❸ describe the islands food
    ❹ what is the first thing you do?
    ❺ you climb a hill that let you see the entire island and notice that the Island is heavily forested, how will you get to the centre of the island?

  • Mind test two answers:
    ❶ where you want to live, if you saw palm trees you desire to live somewhere warm
    ❷ this is how you feel about your body, if you washed up on the island with little or no clothing you have a healthy outlook on your body, if you were fully dressed you are conservative.
    ❸ this is how you view life. If you pictured an island that was full of life then you view life as rich and plentiful, if you saw a barren island you feel the same way about life.
    ❹ your Priorities in life. If you looked for survivors then you care about the well being of others above yours.

  • Mind test two answers:
    ❹ If you looked for food first, then you're more self centred
    ❺ if you had an impossible path to cross,your life is unplanned. If you had a clearly marked path you're an overachiever. If you had to slowly get to the centre you have obstacles in your life to get your goals.


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