Lose That Belly Fat! by Lose That Belly Fat!Sweat it Off: One of the quickest ways to lose some retained water & in the process lose pounds/inches, is to sweat it out. Liberally apply Albolene make-up remover, which is made of mineral oil & paraffin that liquefies on contact with skin, problem areas that often retain water, such as thighsupper arms, buttocks and abdomen, before a workout, in order 2 create a "blanket effect." The Albolene helps create increased perspiration and heat in these areas to help reduce water weight significantly faster, with trimming belts or shorts made of materials like neoprene for even more dramatic results. (Note: Water weight loss can be dramatic, but will ultimately be temporary if you don’t keep up a regular exercise regimen.) Remember to drink lots of water. Pls share & like. Ty 😉