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Just By Switching Shampoo You Get Long Strong Hair. Don't Be Fooled By Big Brand Named Hair Products

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • Step 1)


    These brands can say all they want:
    "Buy for long luscious hair"
    "Strengthens hair"
    -These are all lies.

    I had shoulder length hair, used these sh**y shampoos and conditioners, hair product&heat.

  • Step 2)

    Trader Joe's Nourish shampoo&conditioner

    This stuff made my hair so long and strong
    After using his stuff, my hair just started re-living!

    (Any REAL legit natural shampoo&conditioner will work- not limited to Trader Joe's)

  • Step 3)

    Stop with the gross products and heat!!

    Instead of using a curler, braid your hair at night before bed!! (Dutch braid on both sides on my head was my favorite method)

    -naturally your hair will start getting less frizzy, softer and so much thicker

  • Step 4)

    Drink lots of water to flush everything out of your system.

    I cant drink so much at school or I'll have to use the bathroom every 20 seconds but a nice hot tea in the morning, bottle of water at least through the school day but as soon as you go home drink lots and LOTS of water. (Cntd)

  • Step4(cntd):

    Don't drink so much to the point you'll get sick or pass away(sadly, that's happened before)
    But try replacing any drink with water. You're hair and skin will look much better

  • Everyone wants instant long hair or instant clear skin.
    And I did too, but once i got off the heat, then the products , everything with my hair only got better

    Our society is very "this needs to happen now" and I'm like that a lot but there's no such thing as 3 inches to your hair overnight.

  • Thank you!!

    Love you all!

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