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Job interview tips

posted in Various
  • So you got the interview huh?

    What a relief all you got to do is just impress the company and show why your a good contender for the company.

    The interview for a job is probably the hardest part that you will have to deal with!

    But don't let that stress you out! After all you made it this far!

  • Starting a job portfolio:

    My biggest tip I will tell you is set up a portfolio specifically based on that job .

    A portfolio ? yes I highly recommend this . it not only is helpful but it also makes you look very well organized.

    in your portfolio you should have

    - multiple copies of a cover letter
    -multiple copies of your resume
    - a pen
    - printed documents about the company
    - printed documents about the position you are applying for
    - an extra copy of the application
    - a paper with list of references
    - a list of questions you have for the company
    - a notebook to take notes with.

  • Highly recommended

    definitely ask to take notes
    make eye contact
    do not say like or as to much
    speak loud and clearly
    firm hand shake
    be polite, kind and curtious
    sit up straight
    wear appropriate clothing (nothing to revealing girls!)
    minimum to low amounts of makeup
    turn off your phones
    do not ask to repeat
    pay attention
    ask questions
    dont ask about money
    say thank you at the end
    look into the company you are working for

  • for a rival company tomorrow" .

  • asking questions

    asking questions are very important, no question is really to stupid to ask. well unless you ask the wrong questions. well what questions are the wrong questions?

    do not ask about money, its really rude!
    don't ask to much about the opening of the store you should definitely do your research before.
    do not ask about who you will work with(you should be able to work with anyone)
    do not ask about background information you need to know your boss as a boss level not a best friend level)
    do not ask about other job opportunities you have like dont say "I have a interview

  • Make sure when talking to the interviewer make sure to be descriptive but dont spend hours to get your point in. you want to be descriptive and make sure that you get your point across. do not cuss in front of your interviewer . do not talk so.much that the interviewer can not get a word in. make sure to be on time to the interview. being late can give off a impression that you just don't care. so being able to make it on time is really good on your part.

  • when on the day of the interview make sure to

    -brush your hair
    -whiten your teeth
    - eat something (dont want to have a rumbly stomach)
    - put your hair up nicely
    -look professional
    - tuck your shirt in
    -wear a belt for to loose pants

  • Good luck on your interview


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