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In-Flight Beauty Tips 🎀

posted in Beauty
  • Whether you like flying or not, flights can have a bad effect on your body, especially your skin

  • Face
    When flying, taking your makeup off is a must! Unless your flight is very short like 2-3 hours, the plane is going to have bad effects on your skin. This is because there is a lack of humidity in the plane, so it will dry your skin out. Use a good quality wipe to remove your makeup. Applying a facial oil after is good as it will keep your face hydrated and the bottles generally hold less than 100ml. If possible use an eye mask as this will stop your eyes from going dry. Your lips will suffer first, so bring a small lip is balm with you, I recommend chapstick you don't have to reapply it

  • Body

    As mentioned before, the plane will dry your skin, so bringing a body butter would be good for any exposed parts. A body butter because you don't want to have to take too many liquids through customs and they are lot thicker, hence better!

    Also, wearing looser clothing is obviously more comfortable.

  • Hair

    Although your hair shouldn't be too badly affected, you can use coconut oil as its solid at room temperature and great for hair. If I want my hair to be curly after the flight, I will plait it or I'd put it in a loose bun or ponytail for comfort

  • Other

    Drink plenty of liquid throughout the flight - ideally water. Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea (which all have a diuretic effect), unless you compensate with even more water. Don't worry if you have to keep getting up to go to the lavatory - the exercise might help prevent deep-vein thrombosis, which is when your blood clots
    in a deep, leg vein.

  • If you wish to re apply your make up, then bring a mineral powder foundation as it won't count as a liquid. Mascara doesn't have much liquid in so bringing that will be fine, a lipstick over a lipgloss as your lips should still be hydrated enough. Also a kohl pencil is easier to apply and isn't liquid. If you have dark under eyes or they are puffy, bring some big sunglasses. Applying your makeup perhaps half an hour before you landfill give you enough time and it will also be easy (no turbulence or shaky landings)

  • However... Everyone is going to look slightly tired or not as good as they can be after a flight so don't feel conscious at all. Hope this helps x


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