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If Your Trying To Get Your Grades Up Last Minute... {Also, Be Successful!}

posted in Family & Kids > Education
  • Do you have things like this? :/
    Do you have things like this? :/
  • But wanna bring home this? :)
    But wanna bring home this? :)
  • Basically, what I do is ask for extra credit worksheets! Anything will do. If you have a 59% all you need is ONE point to get a 60% [a D] and if you want better than that, you have to ACTUALLY TRY. Okay? Sorry but it's true. And I learned the hard way. Don't take the "easy work" for granted or for having "dumb stupid classes" that you hate. It's all on you, on how your grades are and what class your in. I suggest you do very well because in advanced classes you can make the best friends, and no one is complaining. >>>

  • Also, study!! It's REALLY boring I know but come on now. About 20 minutes of your time is all it takes.

    You also need a tutor {over the summer too}. If you really don't understand the class, there's really no playing around. It's serious. No matter what.

    Wanna have a great job? An amazing career? You do? Well HA, you NEED TO TRY! Things won't just be given to you. And if they are, your not being taught well. Unless if it's like your parents spoiling you, that's completely different. You have to work for what you want. And all will go your way. ;)

  • If you have smart friends, ask them for help. If they say "no" then forget them. Ask the teacher for help. Don't be shy. You really need this good grade.

    Having an F is stressful. And your parents will he very upset :/ so if you don't want things to go bad for you, you have to care about a major part of your life right now. Your studies. Your education. You have to try.

  • Sorry if I offended anyone..? I just don't like it when people fail. You all need to succeed because it's the only way to get to life. It is life. Basically.. Thank you for reading all of this. It was pretty long. I hope I've inspired you to actually try. Or helped you on what you can do. Please don't forget to 👍like, 👣follow, and 💬comment what you think. Bye, I hope you achieve your goals!


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