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How to stop yourself from snacking and putting on the pounds!

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Here are some simple tips and ideas to help stop snacking and help loose weight!
    Here are some simple tips and ideas to help stop snacking and help loose weight!
  • It sounds really simple and everyone says it but drinking water will help. I know that some people don't drink lots and can manage without a drink for a while but try and change your routine. Carry round a bottle of water in your bag whether your in school or at work and keep having little drinks throughout the day because you will soon finish a whole bottle when it feels like nothing as your having small sips. Sometimes you aren't actually hungry and are just dehydrated so your eating all these snacks when really you could just be having water instead!

  • Having fruit is an alternative to unhealthy snacks you could be having. Eventhough you are still snacking it won't be as bad as having a packet of crisps or some chocolate as it has vitamins in instead of lots of fat. Swap things in your daily diet so your allowing yourself to have healthier options rather that snacks that could be adding up the pounds you put on!

  • I know it sound REALLY boring but if you do something such as working or doing homework, you are keeping yourself occupied so you will be thinking of other things rather that food. I always find that if you do something fun and which you enjoy, you are less likely to go and get a snack as you will be wanting to finish what your doing.

  • I know this might not have been any use at all but I hope it will help you in one way or another. Please like 👍 And save 💾


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