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How to get rid of acne

posted in Skin & Body
  • We all want that amazing super clear and flawless skin but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with it😭😭 Which is why I thought I would share my face washing routine to help you guys who don't have clear skin and want it oh so badly

  • Tip #1:
    This is literally the most important step on this whole thing this is what took me from a few pimples in a couple places to FLAWLESS skin! They have them at Ross, Marshals, and TJ Maxx for $8-$20 you don't have to go out and buy a $150 cleansing brush its not necessary.

  • Tip #2:
    Get a acne targeting face wash. Combining this with the brush really helps I was using this charcoal face wash for about 5 months and my acne was still around but when I started using the face washing brush it cleared me up within 2 weeks you can use any face wash but just make sure it is specifically for clearing acne

  • Tip #3:
    Get an exfoliating face wash to help even out skin tone and get rid of the dead skin cells! this stuff really gave my face a nice glow and evened out my skin tone Combining with your acne face wash is going to help you get that clear and glowing skin in no time!

  • Now that you have your face washing brush, acne cleanser, and exfoliating scrub its time to go over the daily routine I suggest doing this only once a day for 2 weeks and then crank it up to 2 ONLY if you don't start seeing the acne go down.

    Face wash:
    Use separate face wash every other day (one day for acne cleansing and one day for exfoliating) unless you decide to crank it up to twice a day then you can use both in the same day.

  • Daily Routine:

    (I recommend doing this in the shower because I make a huge mess trying to wash my face in the sink.)

    Step 1:
    get as hot water as you can and rinse your face for a minute to REALLY open up your pores if you can't take the hot water directly take a washcloth and soak it in hot water and apply on your face for 1 minute this step is super important because you really want to open up your pores to let the face wash get all the dirt and bacteria out

  • Daily Routine:

    Step 2:
    Imminently after you are finished opening up your pores in the hot water take your acne or exfoliating face wash and apply to your face as directed take your brush and turn it on focusing on one area at a time (left cheek, right cheek, chin, nose, forehead, neck) for 20 seconds on each area switch until entire face has been washed by the brush rinse the brush AND your face in the COLDEST water you can get for 1 minute this step is also super important because you want to make sure your pores get closed properly

  • Daily Routine:

    Step 3:
    After you rinse your face with cold water pat your face dry with a towel and moisturise. you can use any moisturiser but I like this one and it helps get rid of acne! make sure to do this every time you wash your face too!

  • Daily Routine: Brush cleaning

    after you are done washing your face you have to clean your brush originally I was cleaning it with regular hand soap and water but a face expert recommend to me that I should wash it in rubbing alcohol to help kill the bacteria so EVERY NIGHT take a bit in the palm of your hand and rub the brush around in the alcohol to kill the bacteria so it doesn't end back up on your face yuck!

  • This is how my skin became clear I did this for about 2 weeks and my skin was perfect now time to clear acne will vary based on how much acne you have but I promise if you stick with it and be patient you will have beautiful flawless skin in no time!! also check out my tips for wearing makeup with acne and for acne prone skin!


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