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💐🌹How to Tell if your Man have a Dirty Mind😍💝

posted in Entertainment
  • 13. The Lamp shade

    Wow, you were totally shocked when you had a closer look at this image right? I know, we all were! From a distance, only a dirty mind would imagine that this is some girl wearing some quite revealing underwear. But no no, how wrong we were, so don’t get too excited. It’s just a lamp post with an out of focus background!

  • 12. Two friendly couches

    What happen’s when you push two old school leather couches together? You create a dirty mind that’s what happens! Zoom this photo out by at least 100% and you can see that this would catch the attention of any male walking by or skimming through a website. What do you think of this?

  • 11. Mammogram

    There’s nothing like a good fundraiser for charity right? How about this advertisement that appeared on billboard all around the world promoting breast cancer awarenesses. It was soon banned and taken down as it caused too many car accidents as you can imagine! Quite ironic since it was supposed to prevent deaths, not cause them!

  • 10. How big is your coffee cup?

    Isn’t it funny the kind of shadows a simple object can cast? How perfect did the shape come out! Have you ever tried to make shapes like this? I bet you have, we all have. Or at least shapes with your hands while you were in class listening to the boring teacher talk about math or english!

  • 9. Wait what is that?

    She’s hung like a horse right? That’s what I thought too! A bit of a worry, maybe that’s why they had to blur out their face before this photo made its way all over the internet! But seriously lol, it was a very good placement of her foot. What about you? Have you ever had any photos like this?

  • 8. Girls will be girls!

    Nothing wrong with a bunch of innocent girls just getting ready to go out and put their make-up on right? One of them may not have their pants on yet, but that’s okay, we all know girls love to get changed in front of each other anyway! This was a brilliant placement of photography!

  • 7. Saimese twins?

    We could all do with a third arm right? What if this third arm had a pair of arms itself? To dangle down in front of you and perhaps clear the rubbish in your pathway? Or do the gardening? Or pick flowers for the misses? Would you want one of these?

  • 6. Having a whiff!

    How does it smell? Like flowers and fresh fruits I bet! Imagine how rare it would be to get this perfect of an angle to take a snapshot! Brilliantly done, a true masterpiece.

  • 5. Jump on it!

    Welcome to Super Fun Happy Land! The land full of strangely shaped objects that everyone can feel free to jump on top of! Big or Small, Fat or Skinny, they have strange shapes for all kinds of people ready to be jumped on! Would you like to go?

  • 4. New flavor

    There’s a new flavor of gum in town, for those who are curious at trying? It is also the first gum to be high in protein! What will they bring out next? The question is would you buy this for yourself (ladies) or a loved one? Do you think they should bring it to market?

  • 3. Really mom?

    bet her children are very proud, especially to be dropped off at school in their family car! Or perhaps its every mans dream to go to their friends house only to see their friend’s mom with that number plate! Your friend will start to notice that more and more people are rocking up to his house!

  • 2. Swingers party?

    would it be like to go to a party with all of your friends, only to notice that one person is walking around the house with no clothes on? Casually taking photos with all the other guests! Maybe she’s had a little too much to drink, or perhaps she just won the lottery? Or perhaps the girls arms in front of her are twist-in.

  • 1. Egg shells

    would have thought that simple egg shells could be put into some imaginative shapes? Maybe you should try it next time you fry up a big breakfast, saver the egg shells into a pile and take a pic for facebook lol

  • Laughing is best weapon against all
    Incurable disease! 😋😭😍😱😿😅🙊😝👏


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