How To Wear A Maxi Skirt by How To Wear A Maxi SkirtIt has became apparent that the easiest thing to pair a maxi skirt was either a white shirt or one that matched a color featured in the skirt. After hearing this a number of times I wanted the skirts to be more stylish than a simple plain white tee shirt so I began styling each of them in my head, deciding which color or type of top would go with each, adding accessories, then starting over when a new skirt came strutting out of the back room. Through these mental endeavors I decided to compile a list here of what I think would take a basic maxi skirt from simple to chic. 1 / Accessories Accessories move any outfit from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Pairing a big, chunky necklace, coordinating belt and bag can make a plain maxi skirt and solid tee look polished and put together. 2 / Patterns Mixing patterns can be a tricky feat but there’s one thing that can make it a little easier and that’s matching one color in each piece. Finding a common color in both the top piece and bottom piece helps sync them together even though they may present two different patterns. 3 / Colors Coordinating colors that go well together can change the look of a basic maxi skirt. Specifically, pairing coral and fuchsia, lilac and pale pink, or hunter green and plum, makes the outfit more modern, intentional, and eye-catching. Monochrome would even work in this case with a bright bag to draw the eye in. 4 / Texture Texture, simply explained, is different types of fabric. Pairing a denim vest or leather jacket is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a cotton maxi skirt. If the skirt is made of chiffon or a seemingly fancier material, adding a perfect, cotton tee tones it down to something more daytime appropriate.