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How To Stop Anxiety, Over Come Any Fear, And Control Your Feelings

posted in Health & Fitness
  • do you have anxiety? Depression? Bipolar disorder? It want to just control you fear? This is a method that only professional athletes know...coaches make their athletes do this so they can concentrate during a game and stay relaxed, it is a process but an easy one and is worth it, it's not known by many people, but I'm here to share it with you guys.

  • STEP 1: what is an anchor? An anchor is a movement that will relax you...have you ever seen an basket ball player sitting on the side rubbing their face? Ever see a baseball player hitting the bat to their shoes? Did you know they are doing those things because they trained their brain to automatically and completely relax in seconds when they do that...I will give you an anchor and show you how to train your brain to completely relax when you do it. It's simple.

  • Put your hand in a fist like this..this will be your anchor ON
    Put your hand in a fist like this..this will be your anchor ON
  • When you put your hand like this, this will be your anchor OFF
    When you put your hand like this, this will be your anchor OFF
  • Now you know your anchor!! Easy enough? Now here is how you train your brain!!!

    1. Relax your entire body with your hand lightly in a fist (anchor on)
    2. I want you to put your thumb out (anchor off) and clench your eyes for 30 seconds as hard as you can!
    3. Relax your eyes and put your anchor on
    4. Now I'm going to give you a list of things to clench up as tight as you can for 30 seconds each with your anchor off, then between each thing, relax for 20 seconds with anchor on.

  • 1. Clench biceps (30 sec)
    relax (20 sec)
    2. Clench butt (don't forget to turn your anchor off and turn it on when you relax)
    3. Put your hand in a fist and clench
    4. Clench your leg muscles
    5. Clench your toes

    This is training your brain that when you hold you hand in a light fist (anchor on) that you will it for at least 10 days each night and you will be trained, now when you have a panic attack or get very mad or anything! When you put your anchor on, your whole body and brain will relax in 5-20 seconds


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