How To Sew Pointe Shoes by Kyla Kabat - Musely
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How To Sew Pointe Shoes

posted in Fashion
  • These are my pointe shoes before they go sewed. I got mine last saturday and my first class is tomarrow. You can sow these different ways. I went for a group fitting at alergro and they showed us how. This is going to take time!!

  • For this you will need....

  • -pointe shoes (approved by instructor)
    -needle and thred (same color as pointe shoe or a close color)
    -marker (optinal)
    -ribbon and allastic (comes with shoes)

  • First, you will cut the ribbon into 4 strips. 2 for each foot. Fold it in half, then cut it into 2. Do the same for the next 2.
    (The next picture shows to many strips)

  • Then, you will light the ends because there are frails at the end that will make the ribbon worse. You DONT TOUCH THE ACCTUAL RIBBON WITH THE LIGHTER!!! You just want it close. This will now become hard and it wont frail! Do this with all the ribions' ends.
    If you do touch the end dont freak out, just blow the flame out before it becomes big.

  • You will now fold 1 end of 1 of the ribbions into a square to sew on. You find your artch and sew it just below it. To find your artch, you need to go on your full pointe. You will sew one ribbion on each side. You can mark each of the artch points with a sharpie or marker.
    The shiney side needs to be on the outside.

  • Now, you will sew. There are two laters to a pointe shoe. Sew through only the first layer. Otherwise it looks bad. You want to use thred that is simallar to your pointe shoes color.
    Note: sew under the top crease.

  • There are two ways to sew on the bands.
    It depends if uour teacher wants you to sew then on criscrossed or just straight across. I will show you both.
    Sew everything on the inside of the shoe

    You will sew close the the back rim but not quite. On both sides you will do this. The sewing pattern is the same as the ribbions. Make sure you measure how tight it is around your anchel. you will need to cut the band into 2. 1 for each foot

    You will see the 1st one on top of the ribbion on each side. Then you take each one and cross them over. You will sew the other ends next to the back soule. Make sure you measure how tight it needs to be. You will need to cut the band into 4. 2 for each foot.

  • You will make 2 or 3 knots before and after you sew your shoes. On the last one, you will sew it from the corner and then sew it.

  • If you mess up, you will cut the threads out. Do not cut the acctuall ribbion/ band.

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