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How To Raise A Teenager

posted in Family & Kids > Parenting
  • First off give us space sometimes really really need it, you can still be around us and talk to us and have fun but understand when enough is enough

  • Now understand the more you pull and try to ring us in the more were gonna push and try to rebel and leave and get away

  • You can't stop us from everything you can't prevent friendships and relationships you can try but it makes us wanna do it more. You made your mistakes at our age let us learn our lesson on our own

  • Understand that yes we are going to have a attitude were gonna make stupid decisions and hate you sometimes. We're gonna go out with that guy/girl you don't want us going out with cuz their "bad news" or that friend who is a "bad influence" but were gonna do it anyway it's just the way it works

  • You can't put us on house arrest it'll make us go insane to the point we wanna run away. Let us have sleepovers even if you don't necessarily like the friend let us have relationships and establish our independence let us be rebellious if we're not doing drugs, having sex or anything else like that leave us alone about it cuz we could be it's like yeah I'm on my phone texting someone I could be out smoking weed, and having sex but I'm not so you have it pretty dang good.

  • Most of all understand that we love you so much we really do but we don't show it because we wanna be independent and when you don't let us it ticks us off we really do love you but in order to show it we need our space sometimes

  • Hey guys follow me friend me like save. Whatever. it may not be reasonable but it's how I feel

  • Information in this is based off of a Teens opinion no facts stated. Respect sent to any parents and I hope this doesn't Anger you.


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