How To Prevent Greasy Hair by Paige R - Musely
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How To Prevent Greasy Hair

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • Do you wash your hair every day but it still doesn't seem to be enough? Want to be able to go an extra day without a wash? Did you know that washing your hair everyday actually isn't good for the natural oils in your hair? Well, here are some tips to help prevent greasy hair :)

  • 1. Don't condition your roots.
    A common mistake that girls make is putting conditioner through all of their hair. Conditioning roots and scalp causes hair to be greasy. Instead, wash only the bottom 3/4 of your hair.

    2. With that said, make sure you shampoo your roots thoroughly.

  • 3. Don't use 2 in 1 products.
    This either results in your roots being conditioned, or your roots are left un-shampooed. Either way, try to avoid these products :)

  • 4. If you use a lot of hair products (such as mousse, hairspray, etc.) then the build up of these products can lead to greasy hair. Try washing your hair with shampoo, and then rewashing it with baking soda. This will break down any build up of products :)

  • 5. If you simply do not have the time to wash your hair in the morning, try going the extra day by using dry shampoo. This can be bought at almost any beauty store - even Wal-Mart! :)

  • 6. To make a quick DIY dry shampoo:
    For light hair, use baby powder and/or baking soda. For darker hair, use these same ingredients, and add cocoa powder until it is the colour you'd like. Then lightly sprinkle some onto your roots (a little goes a long way!) and work it into your hair. Brush through if necessary :)

  • 7. Try washing just your bangs. Depending on how greasy your hair is, sometimes a quick wash for your bangs can make a world of a difference! This is a quick fix in the morning, takes only seconds to wash and dry, and can even be done in the sink!

  • 8. Try not to touch your hair.
    Girls sometimes have a bad habit of running their fingers through their hair, constantly flipping it or fixing it, or just playing with it in one way or another. The natural oils from your hands actually cause your hair to be greasier, so resist the temptation :)

  • 9. And when all else fails:
    Ponytails, hats, bandannas, and headbands are your best friend ;)

  • I hope this helps, these are just the ones that I use :) Let me know if you have any more in the comments, plus suggestions for new tips!

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