How To Organize And Decorate Your Room by Keeli Nicole - Musely
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How To Organize And Decorate Your Room

posted in Home & Garden
  • Here is my room after cleaning, organizing, and decorating my room...
    Here is my room after cleaning, organizing, and decorating my room...
  • First things have to get motivated! What helped me get motivated/inspired to clean my room was watching tons of videos on YouTube on how to clean your room and DIYs for decorating.

  • Once I was motivated, I started cleaning. Follow these steps o how to clean your room.
    •open up a window to let some light and fresh air in
    •get into some comfy clothes and the your hair back into a pony tail or bun
    •turn on some fun music to make the time pass faster
    •make your bed
    •put all of your clothes into a big pile, separate ones that are dirty from ones that aren't
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  • •hang up and put away all of your clean clothes
    •wash all of your dirty clothes
    •pick up all of the garbage on your floor
    •get all plates/bowls/cups out of your room along with food water bottles or cans
    •put away all of your books or magazines
    •organize papers into folders or throw them away if they aren't important
    •put away all of your accessories such as jewelry, makeup, or hair supplies
    •have a whiteboard or cork board in your room? Look at what might be pinned on it and see what you don't need or want on it, take it off and put it away or throw it away.
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  • •organize your closet and/or dresser by colors, this helps so you know exactly where everything is.
    •once all of your furniture is cleaned off, dust everything off using a duster, or a towel
    •make sure all of the knickknacks or picked up off of your floor so you can vacuum
    •now vacuum your floor and cut under and around everything. This helps your room look so much more organized.
    *for more tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing your room visit the following videos*

  • Now for some cute DIYs for your room! I like to try and go for a tumblr themed bed room...there are plenty of ways to do this. Visit websites, tips, and look on YouTube for how to get a tumblr bedroom as well.

  • Tumblr bed room:
    •have a color theme! Choose some cute colors for your room that contrast well and make you happy, you can use those colors plus some accent colors to really make your room relaxing and pretty.
    •add fairy lights to your room...also you can have little desk lamps scattered in appealing places like your night stand or vanity.
    •have one wall dedicated to pictures, poster, and cutouts. See something cute on tumblr? Print it out and add it to your wall.
    •hall e tons of sweet DIYs in your room to make it look kind of vintage.

  • Here are some simple DIYs to try out...

  • I did the chevron but with my own style (black and blue sparkles) then I hammered nails into the sides of my canvas and hung jewelry on it.

  • DIY melted crayon art
    DIY melted crayon art
  • This one is pretty self explanatory. Follow these steps.
    •remove the wrapper from a box of crayons (optional) I used a 24 pack
    •hot glue them onto your canvas in RAINBOW order (I didn't once and it was super gross and kind of ugly) I used an 8X10" canvas.
    •now take a blow dryer and slowly melt the crayons as they drop down the canvas. (MAKE SURE your work area is covered or you will have wax EVERYWHERE)
    For the first canvas I stuck strips of scotch tape across the canvas to give it a striped effect.

  • (I don't have a jar for this one yet, I forgot it at the store.) DIY fake flower vase
    (I don't have a jar for this one yet, I forgot it at the store.) DIY fake flower vase
  • This is a very simple DIY, follow these steps.
    •paint either the inside or outside of your jar, if you paint the outside it will most likely be matte but if you paint the inside it will be shiny.
    •now cut your fake flowers to the right size so that they stick out of the jar and pt them in.
    •a cute place to put them might be in your window sill or on your desk.

  • DIY make up brush holder
    DIY make up brush holder
  • Sorry I don't have a picture for it again, I forgot the jar at the grocery store...
    To make this, you just need to pour beans into a jar and you can use it for makeup brushes.
    Other options for this are to use crystals, pebbles, or sand instead of coffee beans and you can use it for pens or pencils instead of makeup if you would like. This is a super cute and vintage DIY for your room.

  • DIY beach in a jar
    DIY beach in a jar
  • I made this DIY last year when I went to the lake. While I was there I collected A bag of sand, sticks, rocks, and even shells for the jar. When I got back home, I used a jar and poured in the sand and rearranged the sticks, stones, and shells so that it looked like a little beach.

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this tip he did please like and save. I put lots of time and thought into these tickets and I appreciate it when you like it. Thank you!


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