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How To Make Your High School Cheer Team

posted in Sports
  • Im a high school cheerleader and were getting ready to do try outs for next season
    Im a high school cheerleader and were getting ready to do try outs for next season
  • Tip #1

    Our coach is crazy about facials and she has good reason to be.

    When you dont have a smile on your face you look like you have better things to do than stand and cheer on your team.

  • Tip #2
    Keep a good attitude

    The coach may ask you to do things and demonstrate things if your doing good or if you need more help. Just remember no one is trying to single you out, they just want the best for you and for the team

  • Tip #3
    Work on flexibility before and during try-outs

    Part of our tryouts are jumps and splits. The more flexible you are the easier a lot of things are to do and do well

  • Tip #4
    Be tight

    Motions don't look good unless your tight. You should be able to feel every movement snap in your muscles, and the crowd or judges should be able to blink and miss the move

  • Tip #5
    Stunting is key

    High schools are getting into a lot more stunting and if your team does make sure you know what position you would be more comfortable with.

  • I am a flyer and i speak from experience that if you're scared of being dropped, don't have your heart set on being a flyer. If you don't have much upper body strength you are better off not being a base, or you can work on having more muscle. Flyers are generally short, because they are easier to get up in the air tightly and have less limb length to worry about being caught

  • Try outs are always scary your first time. But work hard and you can almost count on getting a spot


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