How To Make Lego Jelly by How To Make Lego JellyYou will need galantine jell-o and corn syrup. 1. You will need to fill a jug half way up with water (very cold water) 2. Then you need to put 1/4 of corn syrup into the water. 3. Then stir the corn syrup so you can't see it.4. You will then need to pour it into a suaucepon then add 2 sachets of jell-0 stir it until all the lumps have gone. 5.put it on medium low heat for 5-10 minutes.6. When it is ready pour the liquid into the Lego molds or clean a Lego block and put it in there. 7. If it get lumps in it put it into a tall drinking glass for 10 minutes then remove all the skin on top the put the mixture into the molds.8. Leave them to cool for 5 hours and then PPP them out the container. And then enjoy 😊😊