How To Make Custom Wallpapers⛅️📲

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  • ↳ take a picture you love, or download a wallpaper using an app like Wallpapers HD.
    ↳ download Word Swag. It costs under $5 and is SO worth it!
    ↳ if you don't want to spend any money an alternative app is Font Candy, but i don't prefer it.
    ↳ choose a picture or take one and add a cool quote or one of the many provided quotes, saying or even certain emojis!
    ↳ use it as a wallpaper and enjoy!

  • ❥ thanks for checking this out!
    ❥ like when you save! it's just a little extra tap and it means so much to me!
    ❥ follow for more one of a kind tips by a real teenage girl ∆∇∆


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