How To Make A Origami Star Box by Melanie Rojo - Musely
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How To Make A Origami Star Box

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  • Origami Star Box Step 1: Start with a square origami paper and make a square base . Below is the square base and what you should have to start with.

  • Origami Star Box Step 2: Now fold the right side to meet the center crease.

  • Origami Star Box Step 3: Bring that right flap away from the center, open it slightly and squash it down. This is a squash fold or also sometimes called spread squash fold.

  • Origami Star Box Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the left side.

  • Origami Star Box Step 5: FLIP paper over.

  • Origami Star Box Step 6: Now repeat steps 2 to 4 on this side.

  • Origami Star Box Step 7: Remember that the square base has 4 sides? You can find the other 2 by bringing the top flap over.

  • Origami Star Box Step 8: OK, fold both sides to meet the center crease.

  • Origami Star Box Step 9: FLIP paper over and repeat step 8.

  • Origami Star Box Step 10: Almost there! Now, fold the bottom tip to the top. See the dash line in the photo below? That's where the crease should be.

  • Origami Star Box Step 11: Repeat Step 10 for the other 3 sides and you should the following.

  • Origami Star Box Step 12: Slowly push out the sides and flatten the bottom. The box will begin to form before your very eyes like magic!!

  • and here's your origami star box!!

  • OK, now that you have version 1 down, you can also make something like this:

  • Everything is the same as the first origami star box EXCEPT for Step 10. Replace Step 10 with the following to obtain version 2.

    Alternate Step 10: Fold the bottom tip up and crease at the bottom dash line shown below. Then fold it over and crease at the top dash line. Follow the photos below. Repe

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