How To Maintain Healthy Hair by How To Maintain Healthy HairAs you all know, hear is horrible for your hair. Heat damages the hair and drys it out, but to get those perfect curls or shiny straight hair you need to use that heat. So how can I use heat but still keep my hair healthy?Spraying your hair with heat resistance hair spray helps the curling or straightening irons not damage your hair. Heat still will damage your hair but using the spray lessens the damage if that makes sense.Showering with hot water is amazing. After a long day, a soothing hot shower is great but hot water damages your hair just as much as curling/straightening irons.People say you should take showers but you must admit that cold showers are horrible. To maintain healthy hair and not damage it in the shower is to takes your hot shower then at the end, rinse your hair with cold water..