How To Line A Cake Tin! by How To Line A Cake Tin!This is how we line our tins in my bakery to ensure that the cake doesn't stick!Equipment: - greaseproof paper - pencil - scissors - small amount of butter - the cake tin you intend on using1) lay greaseproof paper flat. 2) put your cake tin on top. 3) draw around you cake tin in pencil.4) Cut around the pencil line. 5) to line the edges cut a long strip that is a few centimetres wider than the depth of the tin. 6) fold all the way along one edge of the strip- the fold should be a few centimetres wide. 7) snip the edge of the paper up to the fold( short edge) - do this every few centimetres along.8) lightly grease the inside of the tin with a small amount of butter to help the greaseproof paper to stick. 9) place the long strip around the edge of the tin with the snipped edge folded onto the base. 10) out the circle into the base of the tin and press into placeSorry about the bad photo quality. Hope this helps! Please remember to like before saving!!