How To Have A Successful YouTube Channel by How To Have A Successful YouTube ChannelHow To Have A Successful YouTube Account!Think of a creative & catchy name. Whether it's a fun one like; Tobuscus or PewDeePi, an obvious one like; KatyPerryVEVO, or a name that relates to what your YouTube is about like; rclbeauty101 or GymnasticGirlz, make it so you're happy with it, people will remember it, & it relates to your channel.Take HD (high definition) footage. Never film yourself using the front camera on a phone. It's best to use any HD camera or an iPhone (iPhone 4,5 & 6 plus). Everybody likes clear, non blurry films!Make YouTube videos on things you enjoy but also what a large number of people enjoy. (Eg: make-up, fashion, reviews, games, devices, school, books, movies, funny things, craft, pets, sport, music, etc).Use social media and real live people to your advantage. Tell your friends about your YouTube channel and really emphasise how "amazing" it is. Post on your social media pages self-made advertisements as well.Unless you're grumpy cat, SMILE! Be really friendly, reply back to you're subscribers and do things what they like of you the most. Happy wife, happy life... Oh... I mean... Happy subscribers... Happy YouTuber! Good Luck & May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favour!!!