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How To Have A Happier Life

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  • If you're not happy, it's not anyone's fault but your own. (See the documentary, 'the secret.'

    I understand that things happen in your life that you can't control, but there's always time to recover from anything. You can put the past behind you and focus on the future.

    The reasons why people aren't happy is because they feel that they aren't fulfilled in some area or another.


  • Be positive. Look for the good in people and situations.

    Don't dwell on the past. You can't change it, but you can change your future.

    Don't worry so much, because you can't control everything.

    Learn from your mistakes. Making the same mistakes will only result in the same outcome.


  • Don't talk about changing your life for the better, take action and change it.

    Love yourself. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. There's always room to improve and grow.

    If you don't love yourself, why should anyone else?

    Be yourself around others. You can't get along with everyone.

  • Common known stressors in life are; financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, emotional problems, your surroundings, family and/or friends having problems, employment issues, and major life changes .


  • Financial Problems -

    Many people have financial issues due to poor spending habits, loss of job, and lack of saving

    Rule of thumb is to have 6 months of savings in case of loss of employment, and have emergency savings in case of auto issues, health issues, or other unexpected issues

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  • Financial continued -

    Get out of debt completely by sacrificing an amount of time to working and paying your debt off. It will be difficult not to spend money for awhile, but will be worth it

    Have a budget. Include; savings, debt, retirement,and set a limit to entertainment/recreational spending

  • Relationship Problems -

    If you're in a dead-end relationship (as in, there is no future with this person), give complete and serious consideration to move on and put it behind you.

    If you are having issues with family or friends, do whatever you need to do to resolve them.

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  • Relationship continued -

    Issues with family or friends can be very stressful. If these issues are not resolvable, you must move on in your life and just hope they come around. It takes two to fix relationship problems and you cannot force someone to change.


  • Health Problems -

    Once health problems become an issue in a person's life, it's too late to put them in reverse

    This is when people need to realize that the only way to prevent them is to do the right thing now, and not later

    Exercise, don't smoke, only drink in moderation, and eat healthy


  • Emotional Problems -

    There are many reasons why people have emotional/mental issues

    This may be caused by genetics, chemical imbalance, or other stressors.

    If it's genetic, there may be medication that could help.

    If you're against medication, You have to ask yourself, which is worse?


  • Emotional continued

    If you have a chemical imbalance causing emotional/mental issues, it may be due to diet

    Consider your food intake and take a good look at what you're putting into your system

    If your emotional issues are due to other stressors, they need to be fixed in order to determine this

  • Your Surroundings -

    People may be stressed due to where they live.

    If you live in a bad area, where there is a lot of crime, make it a top priority to save money in order to move to a better area.

    If you live in an over crowded place that causes stress, the same way to fix it is in order.


  • Family and/or Friends having Problems -

    If you are watching a loved one having problems, it could cause stress to you.

    You can do everything you can to help, but it's ultimately their burden to fix.

    Keep that in mind when trying to offer help.


  • Employment Issues -

    Are you in a job you enjoy?

    Are you happy where your future is going in this job?

    Is it easy to get out of bed to go to work everyday?

    Do you feel fulfilled?

    If you are not happy about your current employment situation, consider finding something that is fulfilling.


  • Employment continued

    Quitting your job before you have another job will just cause financial problems, but there's no harm in looking for something that makes you happy (while you work in your current job)

    A full time job means spending the majority of your life working.

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  • Employment continued

    Find out what you need to do in order to be happy

    Do you need to work your way up (climb the career ladder)?

    Do you need to go back to school?

    Do you need to explore your interests, and abilities?

    Do you need to change jobs or yourself?

    Work hard. It will pay off later

  • Major Life Changes -

    Are you grieving? Counseling can do wonders.

    Did you move? Give it time, settle in and embrace the change.

    Did you lose your job or start a new job?

    Do what you need to do to find employment (spend 8 hours a day working resumes, classes, and filling out applications)


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