How To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles After Running by Betsy Foster - Musely
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How To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles After Running

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Step 1
    Cool sore muscles immediately after running. Go for a dip in a cool pool or give yourself a 15- to 20-minute ice bath. Cool treatments help to prevent the inflammation that causes muscle pain.

    Step 2
    Massage your sore muscles. A gentle massage within the hours following your run flushes out waste material that accumulates in your muscles, bringing you relief.

    Step 3
    Stretch after your run. Gently stretching both your upper and lower body after a run helps cool your body and reduces muscle soreness.

  • Step 4
    Rest between running workouts. While it is important to push yourself when you are trying to build up stamina, you should never push yourself to the point of pain or injury. If your muscles hurt after a run, rest. Whether you are a new runner or a seasoned runner stepping up your routine, giving yourself a day or two of rest will give your muscles time to recover.

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  • Self-Heating Ankle Support | Magnets & Tourmaline | Adjustable Fit
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    Serious Heat for Serious Relief

    Fiery Pro» uses dual Magnetic & Tourmaline Technology to provide deep, penetrating heat for people with muscle and joint issues. This high-quality, durable support requires no plug-in as it activates Magnets to produce natural heat. The addition of Tourmaline, which is a semi-precious gemstone, carries an intrinsic electrical charge to enhance the magnetic properties. It usually takes people 5-20 minutes to feel the heat and it may also fluctuate in temperature to provide cooling relief like an icy/hot feeling.

    Natural Heat, in turn helps improve:

    Blood Circulation
    Muscle Soreness
    Joint Problems due to Aging
    Inflammation After Workouts
    Mobility & Flexibility
    Range of Motion

    Adjustable Fit: Fiery Pro Supports are designed with adjustable Velcro straps to fit nearly all body types.

    Measure: Measure the circumference of your calf 6" above your heel.

    Size: 0"-12" Circumference
    Self-Warming Knee Support | Bamboo Charcoal Technology
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    The Power of Bamboo Charcoal

    Bamboo Pro Joint Supports contain Bamboo Charcoal Technology that offers self-warming properties. Unlike normal supports, it activates with your body heat to bring restorative warmth to your muscles, cartilage, and joints. Natural heat increases blood circulation, which in turn delivers proteins, nutrients, and oxygen to the affected area. This helps ease discomfort, relieve achy joints due to aging, enhance muscle performance, and recovery.

    And if you overheat, bamboo charcoal can fluctuate in temperature to provide cooling relief. Bamboo Pro» is safe, effective, and easy to use. It can be worn all day and night for long-lasting, natural relief.

    Bamboo Charcoal --> Natural Heat, which Improves:

    Blood Circulation
    Muscle Relief
    Achy Joints due to aging
    Inflammation after workouts

    Size Circumference:

    Small: 11.5" - 13"
    Medium: 12" - 14"
    Large: 14" - 16"
    X-Large: 16" - 20"

    How to Measure: Measure the circumference of your thigh 4" above your knee cap.

    Materials: 43% Bamboo Charcoal Viscose, 32% Polyamide Fiber, 17% Latex Elastic, 8% Polyurethane Fiber

    Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. Bamboo charcoal is high in absorption so to release odors and pollutants it may have absorbed, place the product in sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb once a month for an hour, or as desired.


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