How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips In 10 Easy Steps 👍👄👄👄 by How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips In 10 Easy Steps 👍👄👄👄So I normally have soft lips because I absolutely HATE having chapped lips but I was sick last night and forgot to put stuff on my lips before bed so I ended up with chapped/dry lips. I decided to show you guys how to get soft lips in 9 easy steps. You can do this before a date as well/before going to bed(when I do it)/ anytime. It takes about 20-30 minutesStep 1: soak a towel in cold water and hold it over your lips. This is if you have cuts on your lips. If you have cuts, you need to skip step 2 and 3 as it might hurt you. The cold water will moisturise your lips.Step 2: using your toothbrush, brush across your lips for about a minute each. Top and bottom lip.Step 3: place a towel between your lips and move your head, looking from left to right, holding the towel still. Make sure the towel is a bit wet and do this for about 2-3 minutes.Step 4: using a small brush, take some conditioner and place a thin layer on your lips. Wait till it's can also use your finger but make sure you wash your hands beforeStep 5: take more conditioner and dab it onto your lips. Make sure there is a lot. Place more conditioner where the lips are most chapped. For people with cuts, make sure your lips are wet before using the conditioner. For people with no cuts, lips need to be dry. Let the conditioner sit for about 15 minutes. You will see that it's being sucked up by your lips.Step 6: remove the conditioner using the towel technique from step 3. Take some Vaseline (liquid) and put it over your lips. Beware, your cuts will hurt.Step 7: take a healing cream/moisturiser and put it on your lips and spread it.Step 8: take your favourite Chapstick (mine also heals) and put it on your lips after the liquid Vaseline is dry.Step 9: take some gel Vaseline and put it on your lips.Sorry I messed up the counting. I skipped number 6 😩 but yeah you get the main parts of it. Do this and you'll have soft lips. You can change it and come up with your own methods. Also, don't use the towel method every night. Otherwise the good hydrated skin will come off and you'll end up with cuts and happens lips 😂. Do it 2-3 times a week. Use the brush technique every night before going to bed. You need to also drunk lots of water and keep replying Chapstick when you feel like your lips are not as moisturised. That's all you need to know :)