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How To Get Out Of School By Being Sick (not Actually Sick)

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Parents can tell when there children are sick. They useally hear it in their voice, or see it in their eyes. Heres what parents look for: eyes, skin tone, temperature, sound of voice etc

  • 1 way: bad cold

    • make your eyes look abnormally larger, parents for some reason can tell when their child is sick based on their eyes
    • put on a lighter bb cream or powder to make yourself look paler. They also notice when your pale
    • put a heating pad on your head for a bit NOT TOO HOT. Also blowdryer works, but thats loud. Also best way, sleep the night with WAY to many covers and wake up hot and sweaty ( make sure parents dont see all the blankets!)
    • talk like you have a lot of flem in your throat and add a few coughs here and there ( NOT A LOT)

  • 2 Stomache vir:
    • sleep with a lot of blankets the night before. DONT LET THEM SEE ALL THE BLANKETS!! but sleep with a lot it will get you hot and sweaty in the morning.
    • have a cup of water ready in your bathroom •Then tell your parents you feel sick to your stomache
    • act a little panicky and breath heavy, a cry out or two with some tears will help sell it
    • go into the bathroom ALONE and close the door beg them not to come in!
    • make sounds like your vomiting, and say nothing is coming out , then after that 1 or twice make the sounds LOUDER now and poor water from the cup into the toil

  • Continued:

    • POOR IT IN IN SECTIONS OR BLOBS! Not all at once!
    •say you feel better, and ask for a cooling rag.
    You can repeat this, but i wouldnt recomend it! Once is just enough to get out of school! Also, 1 could be something you ate, 2 is a cirus and parents might take you to the doctor

  • Period (girls):

    • tell your parents (mom) your in a lot of pain and make a lot of sounds holding your stomache
    • do this alll morning
    • say your bleeding a lot and are afraid of showing in school
    • say your out of pads
    • cry a bit\ beg for medicine

  • More tips:
    • dont tell your parents your not feeling well. Ask them for medicine and let them check you out and see that your sick. If they ask whats wrong, dont overstretch it with too many things wrong or they will know your lying.
    • try to tell them you want to go to school, if you give in too easy they will suspect ! Put up a bit of a fight through a test in there maybe depending on the parents. dont put up too much of a fight or else you could end up going!
    • dont eat breakfast, say your not hungry
    • dont tell them the night before! ( ex: on next page)


    Leta say you have a test the next day and your not ready don't tell them that because then when you fake sick in the morning they will suspect tour lying and make you go!

  • Other illnesses:

    • sour throat
    • soar (sport)

  • Hope this helped dont forget to like please!☺️


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