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How To: Get Good Grades

posted in Family & Kids > Education
  • Pay attention in class:
    this the most important thing! if you don't pay attention in class and you just goof around, you wont learn anything and you will not pass any tests/quizzes! always stay focused and listen to your teachers.
    Take notes:
    this is always important. taking notes helps you to study the information later. try using different colors and highlighting the most important stuff so you know what to review more.
    Use an agenda/planner:
    this will be very helpful because it will help you keep track of what homework you need to do and when assignments are due.

  • Study:
    make sure you study for tests and quizzes because they usually make up a large part of your grade! try to study 4-7 days before the actually test/quiz.
    Do your homework: don't slack off and miss assignments because all of the zeros accumulate and bring your grade down a lot! also try not to turn anything in late because you will lose points.
    Avoid being absent:
    this will bring down your grade you will fall behind in class with your assignments and with the lesson/notes! you will be lost in class and most teachers expect you to get the notes yourself from another student.

  • Organize your locker/backpack:
    make sure to have your backpack or locker organized and clean so to won't lose your assignments.
    Get cute school supplies:
    this will motivate you to take notes in class and to do your homework because you will want to use your cute notebooks, pens,etc.
    Thanks for reading!


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