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How To Get Good Grades The Easy Way

posted in Entertainment
  • Getting good grades is easy. At least, for the most part. You might have to break some habits but in the end you'll be glad you did. Just follow these steps and in a month or two you'll be a better person! By the way, if you're wondering, this is a safe, drug-free tried-and-proved method. Enjoy!

  • Step 1


    Start out simple by being kind ALL the time to EVERYONE, even if it's your annoying siblings. People will like you, making it easier to get information without tension or being too nervous to talk. Talk to them regularly and casually so you can tell their conversation limits. Know what type of humor they enjoy and

  • make witty remarks, or challenge them to a riddle contest (like in The Hobbit*, if you're well-read). This way, when you gather information, they might relax and tell you more, usually inside details on the topic in question.

    Step 2


    You might be wondering what this step is all a

    *See slide 15.

  • about since you might have often heard that YouTube is terrible with inappropriate videos that tell lies. Well, there are also educational videos that can help you a lot. Just make sure the title isn't lying, though. My favorite educational videos come from a channel called Crashcourse. You should try it out, especially if you like John Green.

    Step 3


  • I know you might not like to read, but if you read for fun (like I do), you will be well-read. Why should you want to be well-read? If you read a lot, you can allude (make references) to popular books or stories and it will impress your teacher(s). Also, reading books can be the difference between an F or an A. You won't look like a nerd because, to be honest, the word nerd is just slang, which means it's not a real word!

  • Step 4


    The reason why smart people often get a B instead of an A is because they don't study. Why? It's because they think they're too good too study or that they can remember everything. At every test, thousands of students fall to this snare (I'm exaggerating). In fact, it's so common that I don't think there's a word for it.πŸ˜‹ But usually people get Bs for simple mistakes.

  • Step 5


    If you are still getting bad grades even though you have done the previous steps, maybe you should do extra credit. Like, ALL THE TIME YOU CAN. Which, normally, is during homework. Ask your teacher(s) if you can do extra credit and, if yes, what to do. Usually, they'll say yes. Oh, and have you noticed the

  • bonus parts of tests and quizzes? Do them, too. Even if they're hard, you might be able to improve your score because of them.

    Step 6


    Is your grade problem due to late or incomplete homework? Try to tun homework in on time or go with my practical, true 80% of the time excuse: "I left it at home by accident". It works

  • really well, especially if you wear a guilty face and keep the work in a hidden corner of your backpack. The teacher will be impressed by your "honesty" and might loosen the consequences a smidge.πŸ˜… Then make sure you do or find (or whatever) the work you need along with that day's homework.

    Step 7


  • We are lucky to live in a world where we can get information at the touch of a button. So, just like in step 2, avoid the bad parts of social media and use the good to find out what you missed if you were absent. Or, if your school has an email thingy, use it to email your teacher(s) to know what you need to do. Or another option in step 8.

    Step 8


    Like I said in step 7, there are ways to catch up with your class(es) if you were absent. One way,if you know you'll be absent, is to tell your teacher(s) ahead of time. That way you can be at the same level as your classmates. If you catch a cold or the flu, however, resort to step 7.

    Step 9


    DON'T DO DRUGS. Pretty simple, right? But for those who get confronted with drugs and peer pressure hand in hand, it isn't easy. If your school has DFYIT, join it and learn what happens to your brain if you do drugs. Trust me, if they explain it the super gross way, you'll be scarred for life and will never want to do drugs.Easy, right?
    SWIM IN GOOD CROWDS. Avoid those that swear or bully others. Stand up for bullying victims. Be the hero, not the villain.

  • Step 10


    If you want to succeed in life, don't change your personality to fit the mold, BE YOURSELF! Live by your standards and not others' . Those two sentences can take you far.


    A box without hinges, key, or lid
    Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

    What has roots nobody sees,
    Is taller than trees,
    Up, up it goes,
    And yet never grows?

    Cont. ->

  • Thirty white horses on a red hill,
    First they champ,
    Then they stamp,
    Then they stand still.

    Voiceless it cries,
    Wingless flutters,
    Toothless bites,
    Mouthless mutters.
    Cont. ->

  • It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
    Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
    It lies behind stars and under hill,
    And empty holes it fills.
    It comes first and follows after,
    Ends life, kills laughter.

    There's more on page 77 (I think) of the book if you have it, but I'll end the tip here.

    But before, a cute surprise...

  • TA-DA! Reward for those who succeed (you know, the photo). Post your grades when (if) they get better!
    TA-DA! Reward for those who succeed (you know, the photo). Post your grades when (if) they get better!


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