How To Get Beautiful Ombré Nails😍 by How To Get Beautiful Ombré Nails😍All you have to do is 1. Get all materials Cosmetic sponges,q-tips (for clean up),two or more nail polish colors of your choice, optional but a nail jewel 2.apply one coat of the color of your choice (white is best or black if your going for Galaxy ) 3.Get the cosmetic sponge and a lather the Colors of your choice and separate the colors and blend them in the middle of colors of your choosing 4a.lightly dab the sponge which ever way you would like the ombré to be and make sure your coat of nail polish you already have on is completely dry unless u will mess up the texturizing of the colors4b.if you want a jewel get the super nail glue and apply a small drop on the nail and place the jewel 5. Once you are done make sure u get a q-tip or cotton swab and clean the edges 6. Apply a clear coat on the top of your finished product Hope you enjoy 😍😍❤️❤️ If you have any questions please comment