How To Get An Amazing Instagram Picture by How To Get An Amazing Instagram PictureWe'll first off can I say hell yes Instagram. Lol sorry about that but to start off you are going to need 3 things. 1. STEP get it from the App Store 2. PicLab get it from the App Store 3. Instagram Account sign up/get from App StoreOkay now in the beginning I said get STEP. STEP is a photo editor that is similarly set up like Instagram and it sizes your picture for you. This is good evaluate sometimes you don't wanna crop out the good stuff. It also does filters and such.The second thing I said was PicLab. Like have you ever seen those picture with the white on the sides and you wanted to know how to get that or any other side blocks well that gets you those white ones and so many more. And it is amazing for like picture writing too.Now that that's over the next one will be a picture that I did with the help of those 2 apps plus Instagram. When you see it you'll think I used a filter when actually I didn't what I didn't was shadow around the edges and light inside then used tilt to block out everything that was irrelevant in the picture. So you don't always have to use filters sometimes go no filter.Follow me on Instagram @ScarlettTheBee I'll follow back if you have a cool page.