How To Easily Paint Your Car At An Adorable Rate by Trista Hilts - Musely
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How To Easily Paint Your Car At An Adorable Rate

posted in Automobile
  • If you do get interrupted between preparing your car for paint and the actual painting, you can cover the car with a large plastic drop cloth. Tape it securely all over to make sure it does not get blown off. Then you can cover it all up with a tarp if you want. The drop cloth is soft and will not scratch or wear on your car metal or paint.

    List of Supplies:

    Lots of newspapers for protection from overspray
    A couple rolls of masking tape
    Drop cloth - for household painting (not shown)
    A wet sanding sponge
    Rust Kutter - spray rust killer and primer
    Flat gray spray primer - about 2 to 3 cans

  • First, wash your car very well with soap and water and then rinse it off fully. While it is still wet, take your wet sanding sponge and gently rough up the surface of the paint all over the car. Get into cracks and crevices. Sand the whole complete car. Anything that you will paint needs to be roughed up for the new paint to stick. Keep the area you are working on moist as you sand the surface of the old paint. Now wash the car again. Rinse it very well and towel it dry with a lint free cloth. Leave it in the sun for a few hours to make sure all the water dries off.

  • Take your primer and hit any spot where there is still bare metal or rust. Watch especially around edges of metal, door edges, door handles and around trim. These areas get chipped and dinged a lot. In the above photo you can see that the primer was applied all around the edges of metal and rusty areas. This actually turned out to be a three day project, so the tape and newspaper is not shown in the photos above. Day one was washing the car and painting with rust inhibitor. Then spraying on primer all over the bad areas. Day two was the actual painting of the car in black. Day three that color

  • Another major key to spray painting a car is to use short, side to side strokes while pushing the paint can plunger during the sideways move. Then release on the side of the stroke. As you near the edge of the area you are painting - release the plunger. This prevents paint build up and running on the edges. Press the plunger as you begin the sideways stroke. As you near the edge again, release the plunger. Do this back and forth from side to side as you paint. This gives you a very nice, even coat of paint with no drips or runs. - See more at:


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