How To Decrease The Amount Of Spots You Normally Get

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  • The first way is to drink lots of water, I know you've heard it before but it really does help, personally I suffer with blemishes and drinking just one or two litres a day really does help to decrease the amount that seem to pop up💧

  • The second way to minimise spots are to stick to one skin care routine.
    I like to have one facial soap, one toner, one moisturiser and one spot cream and I like to stick to the same ones which I think has helped my skin as I used to like to mix up my skincare and my skin seemed to be a lot more troubled

  • The third way is to when you can keep your face as clean as possible, as I still in school I do get quite an oily face throughout the day but when I get home I'll wipe my face with a cleansing facial wipe or use my toner just to make my face feel cleaner and remove any excess oil

  • These are some of the products I like to use and that work for me, although they work for me they might not work well on your skin type but I hope these tips help and remember to like and follow 😘


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