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How To Deal With Spacers

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  • Intro: this is a guide for people who have or are about to get spacers. I got them last week and so I decided to do a tip about how to deal with them since no one has done this tip before. Sorry if this tip isn't for everyone. I hope it will still help a lot of people though! I'm getting braces tomorrow, so comment if you want me to do more teeth/orthodontics related tips!

  • ◯ spacers are the little blue rings they floss between your teeth about a week before you get braces so that the silver bands for your braces can fit around your back teeth.

  • ◯ the first few days may be very painful, but just know that the pain lessens in about 4-7 days.

  • ◯ take a pain killer, like ibuprofen, if you mouth hurts. I ended up taking an ibuprofen before bed, one in the morning, and one before a meal that involved a lot of chewing (like dinner).

  • ◯ don't clench your jaws because that just puts more pressure on your teeth and they end up hurting more.

  • ◯ avoid crunchy foods if you mouth is hurting a lot. Crunchy foods won't ruin the spacers, but they will make your mouth feel more sensitive and hurt more.

  • ◯ don't eat anything chewy or sticky, like taffy, otherwise the spacers might come out of place.

  • ◯ soft food suggestions:
    - smoothie
    - yogurt
    - soft bread (maybe with creamy peanut butter to add some protein)
    - non crunchy/chewy fruits like watermelon

  • ◯ don't floss between the spacers otherwise they'll come out. You can still floss as usual, just not the teeth that are in contact with the spacers.

  • ◯ still make sure to brush all your teeth really well. Brushing won't ruin the spacers.

  • ༻❂༺
    ⠀qotd: have you ever had spacers?
    ⠀aotd: yes, twice!
    ⠀≫ don't be afraid to request tips!


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