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How To Deal With Siblings

posted in Family & Kids
  • Quarreling with siblings, wether younger or older, is something that happens a lot. Personally, I've never had an argument last for weeks, or even days, and so I'm sharing some of my secrets. These can be used on everyone too, not just your siblings, and I'm going to generalize a bit, so no hate I understand that everyone's different. I'll give tips on dealing with oldest, youngest and middle siblings as well as those friends or relatives who are only-children. Enjoy! Don't forget to ๐Ÿ‘ and ๐Ÿ’พ

  • Dealing with the oldest sibling:
    As the oldest, I know a lot about how we function, so I know the best way to handle us. We have an issue with feeling "holier than thou", and we love being right. (But really, who doesn't?) we sometimes like to hold it over your head that we were born first, and often we get certain privileges that you may not get. It's okay. Your day will come, sometimes much sooner than we want. We like having things to ourselves for a little while, so when you start shopping at the same store as us, or getting to go to movies by yourself, it can get frustrating to us. ->

  • It may feel unfair at times that we get everything first, but as someone growing up when huge leaps in technology were made, it can be infuriating when my first DS is also your first DS, my first Xbox is your first Xbox, so try to appreciate how long we went without that stuff. As far as being successful in arguments, remember to be mature. Whining and crying as well as making faces and over-exaggerated impressions of us will only make the fight last longer, and possibly get us screaming at you. Being calm and reasonable is the best way to get us to consider your point of view. Try to ->

  • resist the urge to call us bossy, because that is one way to make us furious. Especially when we are in charge of you, never call us bossy, because we will go off like a bomb. Sometimes our leadership is misdirected and comes across as controlling and bossy, but we try hard, and sometimes we just want everything our way. Be patient and try and reason with us, because we respond much better to logic than taunting, and since we are the ones in charge when we are taking care of you, the nicer you are to us, the more you can get away with stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Sorry this one was so long)

  • Dealing with the middle siblings:
    I have a sister 3 years younger than me, and believe me, we are constantly at each other's throats. We are both stubborn and proud, which causes big problems when a conflict arises. The middle child is often ignored, and a lot of the time stuck in that horrible gap between "too old for that" and "too young for that". Sometimes they will make you cringe when they sass your parents or raise their voice at them, because they need to be heard. Try to reason with them, even though sometimes they won't have any of that nonsense. Let them feel right on the less ->

  • important things, but also don't be afraid to fight them on bigger things. Make yourself look big, because sometimes they forget that you're in charge, and try not to look up at them, like from the bottom of the stairs, or sitting down. You don't need to stand on a chair to make your point, but the bigger, taller and more intimidating you make yourself, the more they will respect your authority. (I know, some of these will seem like tricks, but they do work.) If they are being immature, point it out to them in a way that is less accusatory and more observational, like "You're repeating the ->

  • same thing, your point is losing its meaning" or "The point you're trying to make doesn't make much sense to me." Or even straight out tell them that they are being immature. It helps them to see that if they want to win the argument, they need to try a little bit harder. When dealing with the middle sibling when they're older than you, don't let them intimidate you. They want to feel powerful over someone, and you are the easier target for them. Try to seek help from the oldest or the sibling older than the one picking on you, because the older one will assess the situation and help you both.

  • Dealing with the youngest:
    This can apply to younger children all around, and I use similar strategies that I use on my 9-year old brother that I use on my 5-year old cousin. They are about the sweetest things until you make them mad. When they are mad, they can be more clever than some adults, and won't stop until they get their way. The problem with that is that it's indirect and often directed at your weaknesses. They want to play a video game with you? They'll offer you candy, or maybe a shoulder rub, or something else that they've noticed you're a sucker for. They are masters of ->

  • begging and puppy-dog eyes, and being the baby of the family, are often used to getting their way. Try not to give in, and when they get mad, they will insult you. They'll insult you as harshly as their young brains can manage, so try not to get mad when they call you a "Jerk" "bully", or "the meanest person alive". They will often gang up on the middle child with you to feel some sort of power over another person. Don't let them. The middle child hates it. Just tell them politely to stay out of it. With any sibling, do NOT use violence. If they hit you, don't hit back. It's okay to be the -

  • victim sometimes, because as soon as you hit back, you're no better than your sibling is. Tell your guardian and let them do the work. I've seen conflicts where one sister hits the other and they hit each other back and forth until one of them cries. That's not the effective way to solve conflicts.

  • Sorry I got tired! I'll make another on only-children, parental units and pets if I get 10 likes. Again, please remember to ๐Ÿ’พ if you ๐Ÿ‘ and look out for more family tips.


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